Business Leaders

Central Theme:
Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on Small Business

This year's event focuses on the exciting and evolving field of artificial intelligence. Learn about how AI is transforming the small business market and the impact it has on jobs. Our keynote speakers and panellists will provide valuable insights and tips on how you can harness the power of AI before it's too late.

Learn and connect with our speakers from top leading companies including:

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Event Program

The event will feature two keynote speakers: Amanda Johnstone, CEO & Founder of Transhuman, will discuss AI trends that SMEs should be paying attention to. The second keynote will be delivered by an AI and SME specialist from Microsoft, discussing how AI has moved into the mainstream. Following the keynotes, there will be an industry panel of AI specialists discussing "The Future of Work”.

Amanda Johnstone

CEO & Founder
of Transhuman

Discover the Benefits of AI for your business

Small businesses can reap many benefits from implementing AI, including increased efficiency, improved decision making, and cost reduction.

Automation can save time and money

Increased accuracy in data analysis

Improved customer experience through personalization

Enhanced efficiency through streamlined processes

Improved profits through optimized decision making

Access to valuable insights and analytics.


Business Leaders Luncheon

Wednesday May 24th

24 May 2023

Marvel Stadium, Docklands, MEL.

12 PM - 2 PM

Who should attend?

The luncheon features an opening keynote and a Market Leaders Industry panel discussion with corporate tables available.

- business owners looking to grow and stay competitive in their industry
- Entrepreneurs seeking to learn about the latest trends and emerging technology
- Business leaders interested in networking with like-minded professionals

Meet your luncheon host and MC

Vivienne Ryan

Co-Founder & Director
at Gravia Media