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Small business cyber risks, ​red flags and the simple strategies to boost your cyber safety

Our Vision
Small business cyber security made simple
At Cyber Wardens we want all Australian small businesses operate in a cyber safe environment. 
By bolstering the cyber capabilities of people who work in small business, we make it easier for small businesses to increase their cyber posture to prevent attacks and be resilient to them. ​
Cyber criminals consider Australia ‘closed for business’.
In this free 30 minute workshop, boost your essential cyber safety skills with simple tips and tricks to help protect your business from cyber criminals. ​
  • What are the biggest cyber security risks targeting small businesses​
  • Red flags and warning signs your business is at risk ​
  • Everyday habits all businesses have that make you more vulnerable to cyber crime​
  • Why small business cyber security is a team sport, and how a trained ​
    Cyber Warden can help make cyber safety simple. 
  • The four simple and effective ways to increase your businesses cyber

Workshop Program

Workshop host

Tegan Gilchrist​

Cyber Wardens, Project Director

Tegan is an experienced digital innovation and marketing strategist, with over two decades of experience consulting for small businesses and on national media and awareness campaigns. ​ Now the Cyber Wardens Deputy Chair and Project Director, Tegan is harnessing her consumer-first approach to simplify cyber security for Australian small businesses with simple strategies and jargon free tips to help you boost your cyber safety. Tegan is credentialed in cyber security risk management, through RMIT. ​

Safeguard your business: What you need to know about .au domain names

Join to find out more about auDA and how they support Australia’s critical digital infrastructure, and over 4.25 million domain names ending in .au. The workshop will cover:
  • Common risks to small business websites and how to protect yourself against DNS Abuse (e.g. phishing and malware)
  • Practical tips on securing your website and how auDA can help in the event your domain name is compromised by DNS abuse
  • Consumer research around .au domain names (over half of Australians will only purchase from a website ending in .au – find out why)
  • auDA’s complimentary membership program and how you can access up to date cyber security resources and information on managing your .au domain.

.auDA Workshop Program

Workshop host

Andrew McCallum

Member & Community Engagement Manager, auDA

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