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Hear from Key Government Leaders

Bruce Billson CEO, ASBFEO

Mick Keogh Deputy Chair, ACCC

Alexi Boyd - CEO, COSBOA

Mark Stockwell Assistant Commissioner, ATO

Hon Tim Watts MP - Federal Parliament

Covering Critical Topics

Impacting Small Business in 2021, including:

Funding Options in 2021: Big Money for Small Business

Hear from financial industry experts providing an in-depth review on a range of funding options that are rapidly expanding into the small-to-medium business sector. This panel discussion will empower small business owners on how to make critical decisions on cash flow and finance.


Traditional small business lending has changed forever due to the impact of the current economic environment, new BNPL solutions, the explosion of the fintech sector, the emergence of neo-banks and the ever-changing needs of SMBs. Take this opportunity to evaluate funding options, discover the latest trends and become educated on short-medium or long term financing solutions.

Don’t be one of the half a million Australian small businesses that are unaware of alternative finance sources. While securing traditional finance may have become harder in 2020, funding options available in 2021 are actually more diverse than ever. 

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Cybersecurity: The Single Largest Threat to Small Businesses

Don’t take a gamble on your business. The risks of cybercrime on small businesses have never been higher; data breaches can ruin a business’s reputation and ransomware can shut businesses overnight.

COVID-19 and the WFH model has only exacerbated this trend. Hear from a panel of cybersecurity experts discussing the latest SMB cybercrime trends, cyber insurance, affordable tools, time-saving techniques and life-saving software. Every business owner and manager has a responsibility in today’s environment to understand their legal obligations to take every possible opportunity to understand cybersecurity risks and not to become another statistic ( 43% of all cybercrime in Australia targets small business). Learn how to audit your cybersecurity risks by understanding the challenges, current trends and costs associated with enhancing cybersecurity. 

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The Race to Digitalise: Marketing your Brand Online

Digital marketing and e-commerce are dynamic and ever-evolving industries and essential for all online businesses. Hear from leading industry experts and keep up to speed on the latest trends and techniques to drive your business. Consumer trends post-pandemic show a clear preference for online services.

Keynote speakers on this panel are major players in the online retail industry and will help small businesses achieve their e-commerce goals by sharing invaluable expertise on improving online business platforms. Review, update and improve your online business across payment gateways, online marketplaces, web design and digital retail marketing and gain insight on how to access the federal budget’s $800 million digitalisation package. 

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Future Trends, Solutions and Technology

Knowing what future trends, solutions and technology will affect your small business in 2022 and beyond will future-proof your business and provide an edge on your competition. Position your business ahead of the trends by understanding the future small business landscape, creating a dynamic business strategy and planning for change.

Hear from business leaders working across a range of channels affecting small business innovation. Learn from trailblazing entrepreneurs, innovators, futurists and economists about how the small business landscape, labour market, and technology will change over the next ten years. Update your 2022 strategy with expert advice from an engaging panel discussion and get ahead of the competition by understanding and embracing emerging trends and technology.

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